According to insider data, the Swedish government instructed Hakan Halstedt, head of Lotteriinspektionen, the national gambling commission, to study the possibility of the gambling business demonopolization.

In the report submitted by Lotteriinspektionen, Halstedt recommends transferring 90% of the gambling market to private capital and placing an 18% tax on gross revenue of operators. The state monopoly will remain in the sphere of land-based casinos and slot machines. The lottery sector will be available only to local operators.

Last year, the report published in Copenhagen Economics said that the Swedish government was trying to transit from a monopoly to a system that would allow several iGaming operators to work in the country. the report also noted that it would be necessary to attract international operators for the demonopolization of the gambling sector.

Currently, there are four land-based casinos in Sweden. All of them belong to Svenska Spel, the state gambling operator.

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