Internet service providers in Switzerland made a proposal to operators of the country’s land based casinos to cover expenses for blocking illegal gaming resources.

Today Swiss authorities are considering altering gambling laws which may come into force in about 2019. According to the initiative, operators of land based casinos will be able to create online versions of their casinos.

Today international online operators contribute to customers’ outflow from land-based casino, which causes a negative reaction of the gambling communities that increasingly offer to block illegal casinos.

In response, representatives of the online gambling argue that mass blocking is an inefficient procedure, which is evident from the experience of some other countries. It entails major costs and worsening in the Internet communication in the state. Since operators of land based casino are more interested than others in massive blocks, they are asked to pay for all the expenses to be incurred by ISPs.

Beat Flach, a member of the National Council of the Green Party of Switzerland, promised to develop legislation, according to which the international online operators will be able to obtain a license in Switzerland. Thus, the state will be able to obtain additional financing, and players will have a greater choice of gambling.

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