The House of Representatives of Switzerland voted for blocking illegal gambling sites, including those of foreign operators. According to the decision, only local residents are allowed to receive an online gambling license.

“Blocking illegal sites is an effective measure. This is evidenced by the experience of foreign countries”, — said Thierry Burkart, an official from the Radical Party.

At the same time representatives of People’s Party and Greens political part believe that the decision to block gambling sites is anti-democratic.

“The blocking of domains is against the ideas of liberalism and democracy and is a sign of dictatorship,” said Franz Grütter, a member of People’s Party.

The main lobbyists of the bill to block the illegal gambling sites addresses IP were Swiss land casinos that cannot compete with international online operators.

In January this year, Swiss land-based casinos demanded from the authorities to block the IP addresses of foreign online casinos. International online operators contribute to customers’ outflow from land-based casino, which causes a negative reaction of the gambling communities that increasingly offer to block illegal casinos.

Today Swiss authorities are considering altering gambling laws which may come into force in about 2019. According to the initiative, operators of land based casinos will be able to create online versions of their casinos.

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