Uganda Government has decided to implement a program aimed at preventing gambling addiction among population. This decision has been caused by a growing number of students dropping out of college due to losing tuition money.

The National Responsible Gambling Programme is a compromise offered to the administrations of some cities voting for full ban on gambling in the country as Uganda government receives about $ 5 million annually from gambling operators in the form of taxes.

To fight illegal gambling and prevent minors’ access to gambling, a special task-force has been created. The task of the group also includes educating the public about the threat that gambling imposes.

“We are aware of gambling as a social problem in Uganda. But if we ban gambling, they will go to the black market. Then we cannot help people who need help, because we will not control the situation,” said Jonathan Kyeyune, Manager Public and Corporate Affair at the Lotteries And Gaming Regulatory Board (LGRB).

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