The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has issued a statement in which it encouraged gambling operators to provide customers with complete and accurate information on their promotions and bonuses, changing standards of customer relationships for the better. UKGC stressed that the operators should learn a valuable lesson from last year’s ‘bonus abuse’ kerfuffle involving TGP Europe and Fesuge Ltd,  gambling sites.

Among the specific requirements for the advertising of casinos were the following:

  • Clarity and transparency of promotional offers,
  • Rapid response to customer complaints,
  • Developing strategies for countering money-laundering,
  • Social responsibility.

UKGC encouraged gambling operators to show a sincere interest in customer needs, rather than waiting until any crisis situation occur.

The Gambling Commission is Great Britain’s gambling regulator that controls the commercial gambling and the National Lottery. UKGC activities financed by the funds received from the licensing of gaming activities and the proceeds from fines.

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