The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) urged local operators to “take customers’ claims more seriously.” This requirement was voiced by UKGC after a thorough analysis of the processing of customer claims by gambling companies. During the monitoring revealed that the existing claim processing system “does not work for consumers”.

“We want to see an industry that values ​​and seeks feedback from customers, where any consumers’ claims are considered promptly, and problems are solved effectively. Criticism from players is an invaluable source of information to improve the quality of services,” said Sarah Harrison, Chief Executive of the UKGC.

In the coming months the UK Gambling Commission intends to discuss the issue of improving the client claim processing with operators, companies for alternative dispute resolution, trade associations and consumers. In addition, in order to adopt a positive experience, the UKGC will study the process of handling claims in non-gambling industries.

Recall that in January 2016 UKGC issued a statement in which it called for casino operators to provide customers with full and truthful information about offered offers and bonuses, having changed the standards of relations with customers for the better.

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