According to a survey conducted by Rating, the Sociological Group, 73% of respondents support gambling ban in Ukraine, while 22% of respondents are not satisfied with the lack of legal gambling.

Despite 3/4 respondents supporting the ban on gambling, most of them do not consider its implementation effective. According to Rating SG, 71% of respondents believe that the attempt to ban gambling has failed, and only 17% of respondents believe that the law on the gambling prohibition really works.

Respondents named the following negative consequences of the gambling ban: the gambling criminalization (79% of those surveyed, 13% disagree with this statement), decreasing financial receipts to the state budget (57% think so, 27% disagree), job losses (43% think so, about the same number disagree).

In Ukraine, gambling can be legalized as early as the next year. This is discussed in a new draft memorandum of cooperation signed by the Government of Ukraine and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). From 2015 to 2016 the Verkhovna Rada received six bills on the gambling legalization for consideration.

Gambling has been banned in Ukraine since 2009. However, it is not a secret that illegal gambling is thriving in the country: each settlement has several black casinos controlled by criminal groups.

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