The American consultancy firm Global Market Advisor (GMA) has published a research devoted to the development of the emerging gambling market in Japan. According to a report of GMA, the traditional gaming culture of Japan is a good base for especially successful development of such gambling direction as slots.

“The greatest mistake which the gambling operator can make is to assume that the Japanese players will play the same games, as clients of Macau casino. The gaming culture of China is focused on board games, which explains the popularity of Baccara and Sic-bo in Macau casino. While in Japan, thanks to the popularity of pachinko, gambling has formed a culture focused on slot machines” — it is said in the Global Market Advisors research.

According to GMA experts, income from the gaming industry can exceed $12.5 million this year.

Let’s recall that the government of Japan intends to put into operation two thirds of the planned gaming and entertainment complexes by the beginning of the Tokyo Olympic Games of 2020.

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