The House of Commons of Great Britain hadn’t adopted a bill which provides for the transfer to Wales of the licensing and other powers relating to fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT). The Welsh authorities will not obtain further power to oversee all the operations of the gaming slots, as the UK will be in charge of the sector.

The Wales Bill will hand Welsh ministers extra powers over transport, energy and electoral arrangements – including the power to increase the number of AMs.

Fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs), frequently dubbed the “crack cocaine” of gambling, have become a grave problem with many vulnerable people living in deprived areas attracted by the chance of high pay-outs.

Available evidence suggests that fixed odds betting terminals are most highly addictive and cause lasting damage to some gamblers, and exacerbate problem gambling more than any other form of gambling.

As a reminder, in December 2016, under pressure from Labour the UK Government agreed to delegate to Wales the licensing and other powers regarding fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT). It was envisaged that FOBT terminals with stakes over £10 will be under control of the National Assembly for Wales.

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